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An ordinary guy living in far land from his home and trying to be a normal adult.

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Futsu no Hi

The Distance

Distance does not mean anything, when someone means everything. I was in an early relationship with my girlfriend when I left to Australia. We were friends in sophomore year of high school and never actually thought that we will be together. At the final year and right after the final exam, I decided to ask … Continue reading The Distance

G’day Mate

Addicted to cheesymites, sultanas and meat pies. I have mentioned that I moved overseas on previous two posts. As you can guess from the title of this one, yes I moved to Australia to pursue my ‘dream’. There is this stereotype that Straya is this wild place with all sort of dangerous wildlife that can … Continue reading G’day Mate


One’s realisation of responsibility in life. I have always been living in the comfort of my home for more than 18 years. My parents was not overly protective or anything, but I knew that they will always be there for me. They were always listed to my problems and even helped me on almost every … Continue reading Responsibility

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Happiness is something that can only be felt at this moment. It isn’t at mountain top or finish line.

goodbye,things – Fumio Sasaki