One’s realisation of responsibility in life.

I have always been living in the comfort of my home for more than 18 years. My parents was not overly protective or anything, but I knew that they will always be there for me. They were always listed to my problems and even helped me on almost every aspect of my life, as an example I did not even have to look for a part time job as my parent have their own business and I ‘work’ for them.

Then I left. Overseas. With broken english.

The feeling of ‘real life’ kicks in as soon as I entered the airport gate. At that time I only realise that it would be a short period of my life being away from comfort zone. I did not understand that it was the point where I have to make every single decision by myself and any results will be because of myself.

No one will help, no one else will decide for me and no one to blame for mistakes.

It just me, myself and I.

There are millions of things that I had to do myself from as simple as what’s for dinner to deciding thousands of dollars investment on stock market.

I remembered being shaky and sweaty went to open my own savings account at a bank. Back at home, my parents did all of the ‘grown-up’ stuff and all I had to do was listed to what they say and it is all good. Now I have to sign on my life to terms and conditions (that no one actually reads) and actually decide is it better to have small fee or higher interest rate?

These are the unspoken rule of life, you learn every step of the way realising how much responsibility that you carry every single day.

But one thing that everybody should remember, every time we are uneasy, not being able to sleep thinking about the outcomes of a decision that is the time that a person is actually growing.

No matter what the outcome is you have the responsibility on how my life’s going to be.

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