My first ever blog post that has nothing special in it. I will start with a little paragraph about myself.

I am a normal guy (at least I think that way) in his 20s. Freshly out of uni and currently working as a normal ‘salary man’ who works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, sits in a cubicle while staring at three monitors.

I was living in comfort throughout my early life until the end of high school. Lived with my parents and never had any ‘struggle’, as I come from an upper middle-class background. However, everything ‘changed’ when I decided to study overseas for my undergraduate degree. I got full support from my parents, but to be honest I was more than scared.

English was not my first language and oh boy, I am slightly afraid of excessive human-interaction (read: ambivert). With a broken English and bright simile of my parents that proudly send their eldest son abroad, I left home and went for an adventure.

At first… I thought it was a real bad decision. I regret my decision quickly in the first day of college, first week of class, first month of living by myself and…. eventually a year with a bunch of friends and found my second home?

After nearly five years has passed, I think it was one of the best decision that I ever made. I learnt a lot and one thing that struck me the most is that life is a very deep unknown and no one has anything figured out.

Just try your best, be grateful for every moment and you will find you will figure it out.

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