The Distance

Distance does not mean anything, when someone means everything.

I was in an early relationship with my girlfriend when I left to Australia. We were friends in sophomore year of high school and never actually thought that we will be together.

At the final year and right after the final exam, I decided to ask her out (yes I was a chicken, did not ever asked her to prom). Told her that we only had very short time together physically, as I will be leaving within 3 months. I left all decisions to her, if she still wanted to be in a relationship or not.

In the end we decided to try the long distance and just hoped that it would work out. It was hard… really really hard.

She started collage earlier than me, as mine started a bit late due to visa issues and everything. I saw hear got new group of friends and all of these seniors and her new friends started to get along with her. I could clearly see that some of them was trying to get close to her knowing that she have me.

I picked her up from collage, and she told me all of these stories of ‘awesome friends’ that made her somehow comfortable with her new environment. At that time, it was couple of weeks before I left and I contemplated should I give up on her so that she will find someone that can always be close to her.

I decided that I will try the long distance and not gonna give up on her, but in case she does suffer from the relationship, I might give her a better chance of finding someone else that can actually be able to physically present for her.

Fortunately, it was a right choice. It has been more than five years now (or maybe six? I am not sure) and we are still together. She is planning to move with me in Oz, once international travel is not banned anymore.

Yes, long distance relationship does works out but it is hard. Time difference, physical presence and peer pressure are just a very minor challenges, but as long as there is commitment the distance does not mean anything.

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